Wool & Yarn & Sheep

Along with delicious lamb, our ewes and rams also produce handsome, chemical-free fleeces. They are carefully shorn each spring to keep them cool and comfortable, and their fiber is an amazing product. Wool has antimicrobial, antifungal and flame-resistant qualities, and is produced in a way that actually benefits the ecosystem--unlike synthetic fibers. It will keep you warm even when wet, and is lovely to look at and feel. Our flock is bred for mothering instinct, wool quality, and hardiness.


Raw Fleece

I reserve some of my best fleeces each year for sale to hand spinners and crafters, carefully skirting them. These are available on a first-come-first served basis. Email for more info! freehandfarm@gmail.com 

Naturally colored yarn

Our yarn comes in shades of white, light grey and dark grey. We also hand-dye small batches of yarn using locally found pigments. Look for more information soon!


Registered Jacob sheep and mules

We occasionally sell Jacobs as well as mule/Jacob or mule/Shropshire cross lambs. (a mule is a cross of two breeds that make exceptionally hardy mothers, and half of our flock are mules). Contact me to find out if I have any sheep for sale: freehandfarm@gmail.com