Why is our milk different?

  • Cows live on and eat pasture year-round (with shade and shelter for inclimate weather). No dirt lots or mucky barns. Planned grazing means they get optimum nutrition to make nutrient-rich milk.
  • We supplement with certified organic grain in very small amounts (2-4 lbs.) during milking  for cows that need the extra energy. Low grain means more grass-related nutrients in the milk, like vitamin A, E and K, and higher omega 3's.
  • Mama cows raise their babies to a natural weaning age. No early seperation means less milk for people, but happier cows.
  • Herbal and homeopathic remedies are used in all cases but the most extreme emergencies, and we double the required milk withholding period if an emergency requiring antibiotics happens. 
  • Each cow has a name, and they are all treated with respect and affection. Sometimes they are ornery and we have miscommunications, but we're always grateful to have these amazing animals in our lives.
  • We are listed members of the Raw Milk Institute, an amazing group that helps farmers maintain the highest safety standards for producing clean, delicious raw milk.

                                               Want Some milk? 

Buy a share

Buying a share makes you a co-owner of the herd, and as a co-owner you can pick up milk each week on your pick up day. It also gives you bragging rights--not many people own a herd of beautiful dairy cows, or bring home milk that was bottled for them that morning! 1 share = $75, 1/2 Share = $37.50. Buying shares is a one time purchase. 1 share = 1 gallon of milk per week. 

Pay your monthly fee

On the first of the month herdshare fees are due. You can pay via Paypal, credit card, check or cash. Instead of buying bottles of milk from the store, you are directly paying a farmer for milking & bottling milk from your herd, and making sure they are well-cared for in every respect!

1 share = $75 per month    

1/2 share = $37.50 per month            

We provide glass milk bottles and lids for your milk. Once a year there is a $12 per family bottle maintenance fee that covers any broken or lost bottles.

Pick up your milk

Milk is bottled and chilled each morning around 9am. When you join the herdshare we will help you to choose a pick up day that works for your family and our milking schedule. Pick up is on farm, in the milking barn.

To start getting milk, email Melissa at freehandfarm@gmail.com or give us a call at 530-295-9458.