Our Jersey, Guernsey and mixed breed cows live on pasture year round, and are supplemented at milking time with only 2-4 lbs of sprouted barley and non-gmo, unsprayed hay. We make sure mamas raise their calves on pasture as part of the herd, weaning around 4-5 months of age. Female calves stay on as milk cows and male calves are raised on pasture to be grassfed beef. We do not use hormones, chemical wormers or other pharmaceuticals on our herd. We respect and love our cows; they each have a unique and interesting personality. 

The milk the herd produces is exceptionally nutritious and sweet, and usually has an amazing creamline. We make the utmost effort to treat it with care, filtering, bottling and chilling immediately--but never heating or homogenizing it. A whole food produced as nature intended it, satisfying, delicious, and soothing! Milk is tested weekly and monthly for quality, both in our in-house lab and at a certified dairy lab.                                                                                  

Want milk? Here's how to get it:

Buy a share

Buying a share makes you a co-owner of the herd, and as a co-owner you can pick up milk each week on your pick up day. It also gives you bragging rights--not many people own a herd of beautiful dairy cows, or bring home milk that was bottled that morning!

Pay your monthly fee

On the first of the month herdshare fees are due. You can pay via Paypal, credit card, check or cash. Instead of buying bottles of milk from the store, you are directly paying a farmer for milking & bottling your milk, and making sure your herd is well-cared for in every respect!

1 share = $75 per month    

1/2 share = $37.50 per month            (your cost per gallon is $17.30)

We provide glass milk bottles for your milk.


Pick up your milk

Milk is ready and chilled each morning around 9am (don't come too early or it might not be ready to take home). When you join the herdshare we will help you to choose a pick up day that works for your family and our milking schedule.